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Xanigo’s Disinfecting Sprayer, system, and process is a game changer.

Our goal is to create the safest environment for humans to live, learn, and be entertained. We strive relentlessly to create highly-effective, affordable, and accessible disinfectant solutions that allow humans to get on with the business of living. To do this we’ve created a one of a kind disinfectant sprayer to help you safely, quickly, and efficiently disinfect schools, gyms, offices, and more.

Legend Carli Group Aligns with Xanigo Systems

We are excited to announce a New Partnership arrangement with Xanigo Systems and naturally, there is a story here.

We are excited about the alliance with Xanigo and feel it will bring safety to our environment as well as representing a system that is so appropriate for these times.

I have been in this industry since 1978 and am coming up on the anniversary of 43 years. The Covid Crisis is going to make us all better in terms of cleaning and disinfecting at levels that we have never been at in those 43 years. In other words, we are going to be cleaning and disinfecting like we should have been doing for years. This is good and morally correct. It also presents us with some fantastic opportunities because our customers now really care about cleanliness and a more sterile environment. Those who don’t comply will be forced to, or their businesses will suffer.

We have been observing many of the new methods since March of 2020 and while there is increased focus, there are also some manufacturers gouging the public while also providing false information. When I started my own company, I knew that I would be contacted by dozens of manufacturers wanting me to represent them and this has proven to be the case. Knowing that I decided that I would ONLY represent manufacturers and service providers who bring excellent products to market at pricing that is of value to you and your customers. The decision to represent Xanigo (Pronounced Zan-eh-go ) was only made after a lot of evaluation.

Xanigo brings to market a complete system for cleaning and disinfecting large areas, easily, effectively, and thoroughly. The system itself utilizes the best atomizer on the market that outperforms other sprayers that cost 4X as much. You can offer the Xanigo sprayer for about 25% of what most other sprayers will cost the customer. It is matched with a disinfectant that makes the Covid claim and disinfectant claims with only a 60 second dwell time. This is worth looking into.

Please check them out and check out the system at .

The distributors I have sold this to have already sold 100’s if not 1000’s of the competitive systems on the market and the feedback has been that Xanigo works better at a lower price to clean. This is big!

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