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An Independent Sales and Marketing Company Specializing in Linking Manufacturers with Distribution Partners in the Industry Supply Chain

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Thank you for your interest in the LEGEND CARLI GROUP. We approach the market with a more personalized and focused philosophy. Quite simply, our goal will always be to under promise and over deliver. We move your Business to the top of any Distributor Management Supply Organization. We present you in a proven and effective manner to our Distribution Partners. We have over 42 years of experience in finding ways to match your product offering to Distributor Sales Organizations. We approach this in a way to maximize sales.
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A Few Words From The President, Bill Carli ...

About the Legend Carli Group...

The LEGEND CARLI GROUP was founded in 2020 by Bill Carli with the intent on building upon the reputation and experience over the past 42 years in the Paper, Packaging, Sanitary Supply, Safety Supply, and Office Supply Industry.

Bill’s extensive experience in the industry includes but is not limited to working in most every area of the Industrial Distribution Business. This includes experience as a Distributor, National Sales Management, Manufacturer, Consultant, Featured Keynote Sales Meeting Speaker, National Account Sales and even part Owner. Bill has experience in all these facets of the business both from a Regional and National perspective. He is recognized Nationally as a Leader in the Industry in each of the aforementioned areas.

When presented with the choice to retire or stay active in the industry, Bill made the decision to take advantage of all the years of experience and bring a new look to the Manufacturer’s Rep version of the business by forming the LEGEND CARLI GROUP. What constitutes a new look is that LEGEND CARLI GROUP is more than a Rep Agency selling product. The LCG can also provide expertise in several other facets of the business. The LGC represents both Suppliers and Service Providers all dedicated to the concept of bringing profitability to Distribution Customers.

The LEGEND CARLI GROUP was founded on the principle that if Measurable Results and Bottom-Line Profit are achieved for Business Partners and Clients as the Result of Fair and Honest Practices, then Business is not really work, is it? It is fun. The LEGEND CARLI GROUP is Serious about Fun.

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