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Over the past 42 years working with Industrial Distribution Companies there has been one constant that every company asks, “Can you help me find good people?” Then the next question invariably is, “How do I keep and retain the really good people?” The Results Group has had a history of providing both individual and organizational assessments to maximize your ability to do both and achieve what can only be called an amazing return on investment. THE LEGEND CARLI GROUP is a proud representative partner with The Results Group largely because we have seen them bring EXACTLY what we deliver to our client base in the areas of consultative services. We deliver to you value and profitability. Please contact THE LEGEND CARLI GROUP and we can begin the process of helping you maximize your most valuable asset and ensure you have the tools to do the same for the life of your company.

Results Vision

The Results Group LLC is a business-oriented employee selection and development firm that bridges the gap between companies and their employees by aligning talent with opportunities. We specialize in helping companies with their most expensive & valuable assets, their people!

Our Services Partnerships

LEGEND CARLI GROUP is proud of the partnerships we have built and value every company we have the privilege to work with. If you would like additional information about becoming a Services Partner with Legend Carli Group, please contact us today.

How We Do It

Selective Partnerships

First, we only represent a very select group of Suppliers.  We feel it helps us provide specialized services to our Partners.

Delivering on our Commitments

Next, if selected or approved as a Supplier to LEGEND CARLI GROUP, we will define mutual and realistic expectations and we will deliver on our commitments.

A Consultative Approach

Finally, we are taking a much more consultative selling strategy and will only be representing Suppliers who want to do the same. 

We are a firm who wants to focus on bringing value to distribution vs only selling products. We feel that through years of experience in advising Distributors in every facet of their business, we bring more by becoming a Distributor Partner vs a One-Dimensional Supplier. We align with Suppliers committed to that philosophy.


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